I was out at the pool today watching my girls play Marco Polo with some of their neighborhood friends.

Then I looked over at my 2-year-old son Zane as he was looking very intently at a raft that was about three feet away from the side of the pool. He was measuring up in his mind if he could “make it”.

I saw him mustering up his confidence.  I yelled, “Show me what you are made of!” Then he ran and leaped as far as he could and barely made it.  It was awesome!  I am a proud papa.

This is my son, Zane

So, what are you made of?

I believe some of us don’t know or have forgotten how absolutely amazing we really are.

Also, if you are like me, you don’t just want to know what you should be doing but you also want to know why you should be doing it.

This post is not going to be about all the components that make us amazing.  I do realize that we are spiritual and emotional beings but today what I want to talk about is what are you actually made of physically.

Here we go…

If you are a 150-pound woman you are made up of approximately 1 trillion cells, all of which must work together to promote life. The health of your cells determines your health as a whole.

We hear about metabolism all the time. “She has a fast metabolism. I have a slow metabolism.” So, what is metabolism? It is just the sum reactions (both physiological and chemical) in your 1 trillion cells that generate life.

The faster our metabolism, the higher the energy demands, the more calories we burn at any given moment. THE MORE FOOD WE CAN EAT AND STILL LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!

The three main things you can do to increase your metabolism are:

Supportive eating:  Eating whole foods that keep you fuller longer.

Resistance training:  Nothing better to kick your metabolism into gear!

Interval Training:  Not only is it more effective than cardio but it saves time too.

See how simple it all is?   Well, not really. You see we are also creatures of habits.  Many of these habits are deeply ingrained.

Sometimes we lack the vision to see what we are really capable of being. Sometimes we need a little help, encouragement and guidance to help us break free.

So, I see you looking at the raft like my son, Zane, measuring this leap of faith up, trying to determine if you can make it.  You can!

“Show me what you are made of!”

I would love to be your coach.

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