Since joining Adventure Boot Camp I’ve lost 14 lbs and have dropped a clothing size even through the holidays!


In my life, I had always been in pretty good shape but over the last couple of years I stopped being as active and have spent more of my time growing our business.

This has created a lot of daily stress for me with very little time or desire for exercise, I have a tendency to be a workaholic.  The way that I had been dealing with that stress and anxiety of my job was by drinking in the evenings to try and relax and during the day I was “stress eating” even when I wasn’t hungry, just nervous and anxious.

Those bad habits along with not being very active caused me to gain about 12 lbs in two years, and even worse I had lost a lot of my muscle tone and strength.  I was going down-hill fast.  I was gaining weight, becoming weaker, not sleeping well and feeling pretty bad about myself overall.

It was obvious that the eating and drinking was not going to be a daily solution for me, and my life was not going to get any less demanding so I needed to figure out a long-term solution.

I was hopeful that if I could get some consistent exercise back in my life it would help me to relieve some of my stress in a productive way and that I could maybe lose some of the weight I had gained.

Even though I knew this was what I needed to do, it is hard to change bad habits and I was having trouble getting back into a daily exercise routine on my own.  When I decided that I was really ready to change and needed some help, I began looking for an exercise program to get me going again.

I found the Adventure Boot Camp for Women website online.   I thought that the boot camp may be perfect for what I was looking for because I wouldn’t have to rely on just my own self-motivation like I would if I was going to a gym. Plus, I liked the idea of a boot camp for women only.

Once I started going to boot camp, it quickly became something that I look forward to each day rather than something that I am “making” myself do.  I was finally spending some time on me and doing something beneficial for myself instead of destructive, it feels great!

My favorite things about boot camp are that it is first-thing in the morning so there is no chance for my responsibilities to interfere and keep me from squeezing in something for myself.  I also love being outdoors instead of inside, I’ve had a gym membership before and that can get boring pretty quickly.

John, the instructor makes boot camp a lot of fun and entertaining.  He is really motivational and uplifting every day.  The exercise routines are always different and very effective so I get a great overall workout that doesn’t “get old”.

It is a positive way to start the day off.  In addition to the exercises, he gives us advice on how to lead a more healthful, balanced life in our eating habits and in the way we view ourselves so we can keep progressing. It is a great workout and a little therapy all-in-one.

I’m amazed with the results I have gained in such a short time period, honestly it was more than I had expected.  I feel balanced again and I have a physical outlet for my stress each day that I enjoy and that happens to make me look great too!   I’m eating and sleeping better, I’ve lost my need for drinking like I had been and I feel more relaxed naturally throughout my day.

I recommend North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women for any woman who is looking for a fun way to get some activity back into their life and invest a little time on themselves.  The positive environment, motivation and support from John and the other women in boot camp (A.K.A The Boot Camp Babes) who are also there trying to progress in their own circumstances has been the key to me reaching, exceeding my fitness goals and get back to feeling happy with myself again.

Becky Catt