I want to introduce you to one of our 9 AM boot campers, Laurie Williams.  As she will tell you down below she has lost 38 pounds. But she has also become an athlete!

She is one of the reasons camp is SO cool because she is a blast to be around!  For those of you that do not know Laurie, if I had one word to describe her it would be “FUNNY”! She makes camp fun. Don’t get me wrong, She “gets her train on”! She knows you can train hard and still have fun.

I know Laurie is happy about her weight loss, endurance and strength but as a coach I am equally impressed with her increased fluidity of movement! She now moves like an athlete!

“I AM Adventure Boot Camp: Laurie Williams”

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I AM Adventure Boot Camp…Laurie Williams

Name:  Laurie Williams

Age:  42

What do you do when you’re not at boot camp?

I spend time with my family and friends.  Exercise-wise,  I run with my son and try to do at least one 5K a month.  I also enjoy doing mud runs.


Husband and 2 boys (ages 8 and 9)

ABC birthday?

February 2012

Is this your first camp?  If not, how many camps have you done?

This is the first and only boot camp that I’ve belonged (Note:  Laurie is just now finishing up her 14th camp with us!)

Why did you join ABC?

To be healthier and stronger for myself and my family.  I want to help myself be around as long as I can for my boys.

What are your fitness goals?

My goal changes of course as it is met – a new one is set!  For now, it is to lose weight and tone up more.

What do you love most about ABC? 

I love how I feel every time I do/accomplish something new.

What has surprised you most about your experience with ABC? 

Honestly, how my body and endurance keep improving.

What results or accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Gosh…a lot – the increase of how far I can run now (well jog), how much more weight I can lift and my overall ability to do the exercises better.  I’ve lost 38 lbs.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Chicken breast

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Sweet ‘n salty trail mix

What tips would you give others about making it to boot camp every day? 

Make camp part of your daily routine and as you become stronger, it will become something you look forward to attending.

What about ABC makes you laugh? 

John of course — myself — and the other girls.

Favorite ABC exercise and why?

I like them all – any exercise that tones and makes me feel good – I’m in!

Least favorite ABC exercise and why?

Jump rope – makes me feel like I need to go potty!

Your advice to prospective boot campers? 

If you love to be outside, want to be a better you, surround yourself with positive motivated people and have the best trainer ever…this camp is for you!  Also, this is what worked for me:  Align yourself with someone who has your same fitness level, no matter their size, age or weight.  Then, as you get stronger, align yourself with new people.  Don’t feel bad if you’re at camp to improve yourself.  You can just stay at the same spot, never pushing yourself.  Just remember, “a better you” is first, “new friendships” a bonus.  If you do this and push yourself you will always see change and it feels so good!!