I am just getting ready to take my son Zane to swimming lessons, but before I go I want to give you 4 reasons every woman SHOULD do sprints.

Before we start, I know there are some ladies reading this thinking “I could never do sprints.” But did you know there are different kinds of sprints?

There is “straight sprinting”. This is a full speed sprint going a certain distance as fast as you can. But there is also “high intensity training”. i.e. alternating bursts of very intense activity with intervals of rest such as the type of training we do in camp with the “battle ropes”.

You need to make sure you are aware of your physical limitation, but also aware of your abilities. It is best to start off at a lower intensity and then start to increase intensity over time.

The key is to get started!  You have too much to gain — like better heart and lung health, improved circulation, better cognition, improved metabolism, the optimal hormonal environment and the ideal body composition. Everybody has to start somewhere. Like I said, the point is to get started!

OK, so here we go….

Reason # 1 It Is The Best Use of Your Time.

If you are like most of the ladies in my camp, you are busy. By doing some form of sprint training you are doing THE most valuable type of training as far as getting the most value for the least amount of time. The next best options don’t even come close!

Reason #2 Sprinting Helps You to Lose Fat Fast

With proper nutrition, sprinting helps you to not only lose fat but also helps you to gain valuable muscle and look tight and toned. This muscle will help you to increase your metabolism, which will help with future fat loss.

Reason #3 Sprinting Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Sprints improve insulin health in the young, old, overweight, diabetic and folks with metabolic syndrome! The cells must adapt to more efficiently produce energy to keep you going. Sprinting also decreases inflammation.

Reason #3 Increase Brain Health and Mood

Your brain is a huge consumer of oxygen. Sprinting decreases inflammation in the brain and improves hormone balance. Yes, sprinting can help you feel happier and more capable.  After you are done, sprinting it can make you feel euphoric. This is do to the increase in several neurotransmitters that influence mood, including serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine according to research published in “The Journal of Physiology.”

Reason # 4 Sprinting Trains You Better for Life

Whether you are running up the stairs, chasing your kids or playing some sport, sprint training is a more effective training for your life. Sprinting is better for improving pulmonary lung function than aerobic exercise.  By including sprinting in your training program you will be more prepared for whatever life has to throw at you.

So, if you want a leaner, firmer and sexier body “get your sprint on!”

Don’t wait start now!

Be unstoppable!