Boost your mental ability


Boost your mental ability

Palm Harbor, FL -- We all know that physical activity does wonders for your heart, joint, bones muscles, and health in general. But, did you know that exercise has also been proven to boost your brain function?

A new study released last week demonstrates that as we age, regular workouts improve our mental performance and help prevent memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer's, and in general cognitive decline.    

John Kent, owner of North Pinellas and Westchase Adventure Boot Camp for Women says that research has shown that exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels to the area of the brian that regulates memory. 

That process generates new growth and leads to improved brainn function, which may be the reason why people who are physically active have faster mental reaction times then those who don't exercise.

A former personal trainer, Kent launched the North Pinellas Boot Camp for Women in Oct. 2007 and added the Westchase Camp in January 2009. 

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