Boot Camp Testimonials  

Deb lost 50+ lbs and 28 inches!

Deb Ausdemore, Tarpon Springs, FL

Shirley shed 14 5/8 inches in one boot camp!

Shirley Jones, Trinity, FL

Aimee went from a size 22 to a size 16 in just
a little over 3 weeks of boot camp!

Aimee Kosky, Holiday, FL

Stephanie finally "found something she can stick with"!

Stephanie Andrews, Tarpon Springs, FL

"I did so well, my mom joined me for my 2nd camp!"

Maran Fulvi, Palm Harbor, FL

Jaimie has lost 107 lbs and she's keeping it off!

I signed up for North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women at the heaviest I had ever been after the birth of my son, Reilly, weighing 265.  I initially joined to train for a 15K distance race that I was doing with my sister.  My first camp was in January 2008 and by the time the race came and went in April I was hooked on North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women.  The camp has been inspiring and life changing.   It has helped me shed 100 pounds,  increase muscle tone everywhere on my body, learn to eat healthier with John’s nutrition help, and I’ve made a lot of great friends in the process. 

I feel Adventure Boot Camp with John makes exercise fun and exciting again with something new to try every day of camp.  His positive motivation keeps you focused on what you can do and what you are capable of accomplishing.  This camp will increase your endurance, flexibility, and strength while you challenge yourself in ways you never would have on your own.  It’s been a year since my first camp and I’m looking forward to another year of camp in 2009. 

Jaimie Cole, Palm Harbor, FL
(Jaimie is currently at 107 lbs of weight loss and she's keeping it off! Congratulations, Jaimie!)

"I feel so much better, it's amazing...
I'll keep coming as long as I can!

Tammy Hess, Palm Harbor, FL

"I'm going to be 50 this year...first time I've exercised in my life...if I can be happy about it so can you!"

Debbie Capone, Tarpon Springs, FL

"I'm hooked!"

Nancy Ridge, Clearwater, FL

"Boot camp? Me? Yeah -- YOU BET!"

Ronnie Goodstein, Palm Harbor, FL

I've been coming to this camp since the very first one
in October's addicting


Mona Chiles, Tarpon Springs, FL

"I have lost a total of 27 lbs. and also dropped 4 sizes in clothing"

I just completed my third boot camp and I have truly seen dramatic results! Each camp just keeps getting better! I have lost a total of 27 lbs and also dropped 4 sizes in clothing. My body is more tone and defined! When I began my first boot camp I could barely do a squat and I hated when we would run/jog. But thanks to your encouragement and help, I feel "Great and getting better"!

My husband commented (Finally) and said "You are looking hot", and I replied "And getting hotter"! When we are in camp and you ask "How are you doing", and we all say "Great and getting better", well seeing how this is my 4th boot camp, my new answerer is going to be "Hot and getting hotter"!

Just wanted to say thanks for your motivating attitude and for changing each camp to keep it fresh, new and NEVER BORING!

Ronda, Oldsmar, FL

"Exercise is ALOT of fun again"

After having two babies I just didn't quite have "it' anymore. Boot Camp was awesome. John and Cory are so motivational. Exercise is ALOT of fun again. I lost over 5% body fat and gained more muscle tone. I feel tighter and look firmer. My clothes (even my underwear) fit much better. The time to work on myself with no interruptions (children or husband) was priceless. Boot Camp was mentally exhilarating. I am thrilled to have had the Boot Camp experience and look forward to my next.

Dr. Shelly S., Palm Harbor, FL

Cindy lost 9 inches and 7 pounds of body fat in 4 weeks

John, boot camp was great! It was the best exercise I've had in a long time and has given me great results. I lost 9 inches and 7 pounds of body fat, while gaining 3 pounds of muscle in the four week session. You made all that hard work fun and I can't wait to start the next session! I would recommend your program to anyone.

Cindy S., Oldsmar, FL

"I LOVED everything about it"

I signed up for the boot camp class to change my routine. I was getting tired of my regular workouts and had gained quite a few pounds over the year. I had no idea what to think or expect. I LOVED everything about it. The variety in the workouts, the other women, the motivational instructors!! Everyone was so excited about everyone's achievements. I looked forward to my boot camp mornings. By the end of the first week I knew that I would be signing up again. John and Cory, you were awesome at making it fun while you worked us hard. Your love for what you do really shows in the 'care' you took with each camper, making sure we were using correct form, showing modified versions, and your positive praise. It's hard for me to put into words the excitement I have about this camp. I tell everyone about the camp and I wear my shirt proudly!! I am really looking forward to the next 4 weeks.


Andrea Gleason, Tarpon Springs, FL

"People that know me are telling me that I look 10 years younger"

John: I wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for the many positive changes in my life in 4 short weeks! I am 49 years old and have 5 children. I have worked out consistently in the past. Most recently, my experience has been that the older I get, the more weight I was gaining, and nothing I was doing could change that. I heard about Boot Camp and as a "last resort" decided to go for it. I signed up for the 5 day camp to "see what happens." Much to my surprise, at the end of 4 weeks I lost 5% body fat. Other positive changes include: increased energy, increased endurance, my clothes fit better, my hair and skin are shinier and healthier, increased confidence in my appearance and in knowing that I can lose weight after all....but most important, people that know me are telling me that I look 10 years younger...imagine that! I absolutely love working out with other women as we give each other a great deal of support. And I love how you care about each of us as individuals and not as just "another participant." I look forward to much more at my next boot camp! Boot Camp (and John) Rocks!

Debbie Lipkin, Palm Harbor, FL

"Save me a spot John, I'm coming back for more!"

Wow, Boot Camp was a great experience for me. If you are anything like the rest of the ladies I met at camp, we just don't push ourselves as much as we should when we work out alone. That's where John comes in and it works. Before you know it you are doing all the jumping jacks and squats, running the mile, and seeing muscles like never before. The hour goes by quickly and you go home feeling like you really did something positive for yourself. And, that's not all. John also coached us on proper nutrition.

Save me a spot John, I'm coming back for more!

Donna Lipply, Tarpon Springs, FL

"For the first time in a long time, I truly feel like I CAN and WILL accomplish my fitness goals!"

Boot Camp has been the most amazing experience for me; for the first time in a long time, I truly feel like I CAN and WILL accomplish my fitness goals! I love that every day is a new and exciting challenge, so you never get bored with the same routines. On the last day of camp I was very proud that I stuck with my commitment, sad that it was the last day and really looking forward for the next camp to begin. Boot Camp Rocks!!!

Janie, Oldsmar, FL

"I just want to say that this is the most awesome thing
I have ever joined!"

I just want to say that this is the most awesome thing I have ever joined! I have tried gym memberships in the past and just do not stick to it. I really look forward to going to camp and I feel wonderful afterwards. John and Cory are excellant personal trainers, and they make it fun and encouraging. I started as a three day and joined year round, so I can continue for good health- I wasnt ready for it to end after only 4 weeks!. The other great thing is all the other women, it is fun working out with them and making new friends, we are all there for the same reason.

Linda Fehr, Palm Harbor, FL

"I am more than enjoying Boot Camp. I love it!"

I LOVE camp. I can't believe what I'm doing or that I'm completing each day...and I get better every day. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. It did take me a day to adjust to working on the grass, stabilizing myself in particular. Now I'm doing it. And my aerobic ability improves daily. I used to say that I had never jogged. Can't say that anymore. I may be last but I am moving at what I consider a great pace. Slow and steady. The great mix of people, ages, and abilities along with John's excellent organization of activities makes Camp a wonderful experience. The variety of activities and groupings invites me to participate completely.

So, I am more than enjoying Boot Camp. I love it! (You can quote me.)

Meg Petersen, Clearwater, FL

"I never felt out of place or that I was being left behind."

I have to admit that I was a little more than concerned to attend North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women. I was 84 pounds overweight and out of shape. I'm also a night person so the thought of getting up early in the morning was extremely stressful. A few of my biggest concerns: 1) that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the group, 2) I would hold everyone up 3) I would be embarrassed because I was so out of shape or 4) That I wouldn't make it on time. (I took the 5:30am class).

What was surprising was that everyone worked at their own pace. I never felt out of place or that I was being left behind. John and Corey were/are great. They encouraged everyone to do the best they could (and then do just a little more). It worked. I never felt pressured. Getting up in the morning is actually better than I thought. I loved knowing I'd already worked out by 7am!

I was also surprised how fun it was. There were a few days I was sure John let us out early because the time just flew by. (Yes, it was fun) Every day you start on time and every day you end on time. I always got a great workout.
The day is well thought out and professionally planned to work every part of your body throughout the week. There were a few days I didn't want to get up (I stayed up too late) I just told myself "just get there" and before I knew it I was working my butt off. I would recommend the boot camp for anyone and everyone. If you want a safe, fun, organized and professional exercise experience than this is the place to be. You're going to love it.

N.W., Tarpon Springs, FL

"I was bored at the gym, so I just stopped going."

My Boot Camp experience was the best total body work out I could have ever asked for. I was bored at the gym, so I just stopped going. Now the results I have accomplished have inspired me to keep on going. I did not realize how much my fitness level would improve in just 4 weeks, but it went through the roof! Never did I experience encouragement at a gym the way the other campers helped cheer me on. The feeling each of us felt during that one hour a day made us eager to return the next. Yes, John made us work hard, but it was worth every sore muscle! I could not wait until the next day to see what fun he had waiting for us. The ultimate testimony is I signed up again, and will again when those 4 weeks are over! I can’t wait to keep on improving! Thank you John for what you do, I am grateful for your camp, it has changed my life!

Stephanie Salerno
Tarpon Springs, FL

"This was the best thing I have done for myself and I really feel it was life changing."

I also wanted to let you know this was the best thing I have done for myself and I really feel it was life changing. I feel so much better and have more energy but most of all have a better understanding of a more balanced way of eating and proper nutrition. You really should be proud of all the hard work and time you invested in all of us we will always remember you and this gift you haven given each of us. I pray for blessings on your business and over your family for you to continue giving this great gift to women.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Z., Palm Harbor, FL

"This "Adventure" was so much more than that!"

John, You may absolutely use my name and my testimonial-any small way that I can help is nothing compared to the help you have given me! I cannot say enough good things about my boot camp experience! Where do I begin? This "Adventure" was so much more than that! I was a little afraid in the beginning that I wouldn’t"measure up", but with your constant enthusiasm and motivation I really surprised myself! I looked forward to getting up EVERY day to go to camp and the workouts were so rewarding-never boring or predictable, you really made it interesting! I followed your advice about diet and that combined with camp have really given me excellent results! You are what every fitness trainer should aspire to be. I will definitely be back for more camps and I am telling all of my friends and anyone
else who will listen to join me. Thank you for bringing this awesome opportunity to us!

See you on the field in December!

Lori Kahl, Tarpon Springs, FL

"The activities are so varied...things you haven't done before in all those gym classes"

John’s Adventure Boot Camp completely exceeded my expectations. As someone who has exercised for many years doing many different activities (Pilates, running, biking, yoga, cardio weight classes, martial arts, walking, gym routines, kayaking, personal trainers, etc), this was a welcome surprise.

What I liked most about the camp is that it was 5 days a week for only 4 weeks. Sometimes, when we workout, it can become scattered and haphazard at best. It was great to have something that I could commit to for a finite period of time and be completely focused on mentally and physically. I told myself that I can do this – it is only for one month.

What surprised me the most was how much I looked forward to it. What attracted me to the idea was the variety -- which kept me engaged both mentally and physically. I didn’t have time each morning to say, "oh great, we are doing that again, do I really want to waste my time?"

Both John’s and Cory’s obvious love for what they do infused all sessions with energy -- something definitely needed at 5:30am.

The camp has something for everyone. If you are a beginner, and you are concerned that you might not be able to do it, or if you are simply intimidated that you might not measure up, rest assured that you will wonder why you were ever hesitant in the first place.

John’s dedication to correct form, concern for everyone’s well-being and his desire for you to succeed whatever your level may be will allay your fears rather quickly. In addition, all the women in the camp are supportive, and there is really no room for that competitive, elitist feel you sometimes encounter in other places.

If you are an experienced exerciser, you will find that your routine will be energized and engaging. The activities are so varied that I guarantee there will be many things that you haven’t done before in all those group classes you’ve taken at the gym. And since you are experienced, you probably know how to challenge yourself and make any activity that much more challenging for yourself.

As an additional note, I must add that the program by itself is quite effective. My main goal in trying the camp was to regain my love for fitness that had lain dormant for awhile. Yes, weight loss is great, but enjoying exercise and the
feeling afterward is sometimes more important. Personally, I didn’t focus on any changing many eating habits this time around, but rather on this goal of exercise. As a surprising result, I lost about 7 inches and 5% body fat -- just from the program alone. So, if you think that you need to become hardcore just to see any benefit, please reconsider. You will see and feel results from his program alone.

However, that being said, if you combine all the elements (which I plan to do in subsequent camps), imagine the greater benefits you will receive -- as I witnessed in the many women who did just that in camp.

They say that half of life is just showing up, so, really, what are you waiting for? After all, it is just one month. Show up, stay focused, do your very best, and you will see results.

Bonnie Gugler, Palm Harbor, FL

"I can tell such a difference in my 42 year old body
after just 4 weeks."

I want to tell you that I can tell such a difference in my 42 year old body after just 4 weeks. My clothes are fitting differently, I know I have gained muscle, strength and endurance. And... I can tell a huge difference while chasing/playing with my THREE young boys. I'm an older mom, I need to keep up with the little ones!! Its awsome, like I said before, my work out is over before my boys are even out of bed....and I am energized! Initially, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up (I had a stroke at the age of 28 and have sensory, mild motor, and balance issues) but I DID and I am thrilled, I actually feel athletic! HA! See you at the express camp and thanks!

Andrea C., Oldsmar, FL

"I initially signed up for the 3 day camp. I loved it so much
I asked to go to 5 days."

My adventure in boot camp was the best exercise experience I ever had. I had some doubts whether it would be challenging enough and it was. I initially signed up for the 3 day camp. I loved it so much I asked to go to 5 days. It was so worth it. The exercises were very different and the outdoors experience was incredible. The campers ranged from 20 to 50ish in age and it was very inspirational to see that they were all so committed. John made it a lot of fun. If you can’t do an exercise one way he will show a modified way and you’ll get the same results. With this camp you get out what you put into it. You have to do it for you. I finished the 4 week -- 5days camp and feel great. Our motto on our camp shirt is "I feel the burn, and I still return!" Well, I felt the burn, and I’m going to return.

Alicia Reinbolt, Palm Harbor

"This past month has helped me start regaining a more positive image of myself again. "

I can't begin to tell you how great it has been for me. I had been feeling bad about myself and this past month has helped me start regaining a more positive image of myself again. Still work to do on the inside as well as the outside, but I feel I am on track.I thank you for the planning, effort and energy you have you have given all of us. You are a great motivator and encourager...two of your many gifts! I appreciate so much the spirit with which you do everything. Working with a bunch of women is not the easiest task...especially at 5:30 in the morning! Although the group is really a great mix of women and I have met some really interesting people.

Most Sincerely,
Cynthia B., Palm Harbor, FL

"I had tried diets with a little bit of exercise for years and still am in this condition so I knew I had to do something RADICAL!"

I am a 46 year old woman who is 70 lbs. overweight and exhausted all of the time. You would be too if you were carrying the weight equivalent of a 10 year old kid around all day, everyday. I had tried diets with a little bit of exercise for years and still am in this condition so I knew I had to do something RADICAL! The Monday before Thanksgiving I joined a weight loss program. Yep, you heard me, started on a "diet" at the start of the holidays, now that's radical! I also remembered seeing an ad for North Pinellas Adventure Bootcamp for Women and toyed with the idea of signing up. Though the ad said women of all fitness levels would benefit, I was leary. The term "boot camp" when you are in my condition is a little scarey, I envisioned hundreds of push-ups and the like. I completed the online form for the December mini-camp and placed my cursor over the SUBMIT button and stayed like that for an untold amount of time. Finally, I decided I had to try the camp and in keeping with my idea of doing something "radical", I clicked my mouse button!

The first day of boot camp arrived and I dragged my too large of a rear end out of bed. Now by nature, I am a night owl. Often times I will stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. and get up around 9 a.m. Setting an alarm for 4:45 a.m. was completely foreign to me unless I had a plane to catch or something. I drove to boot camp on a dark and lonely street. Arriving, I spread my mat out under the stars on the dewey ground and camp started. The majority of the ladies were in far better shape than I, but were friendly and didn't say, "What are YOU doing here?" (O.K. can you tell I am scarred from childhood by always being picked last for a team at P.E.?) John was an absolute delight! He gave an alternative for every exercise that we did and I made it through my first hour of bootcamp feeling exhausted yet hopeful that I could do this.

The two weeks for the mini-camp went by quickly but boy did I see results! John and Cory were so encouraging and helpful that I couldn't wait to register for the January camp. After my eighth day of camp, I pulled up that online registration page and this time I hit that SUBMIT button with a lot more speed and force, hmmm, must be all those push-ups and laps. Now, if only January would get here!

Chris Roberson, Odessa, FL

"As a busy working mom I had a hard time
making time to excercise."

As a busy working mom I had a hard time making time to excercise. This experience taught me that working out in the morning is great, and I haven't missed a work- out. My fitness level has improved dramatically in just 4 weeks. I can't wait for the next boot camp to start! Thanks!

Maggie Stadtfeld, Palm Harbor, FL

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