This Body Weight Workout Will Get You Lean FAST! No Equipment Needed!

If you travel this is a great body weight workout to take with you on the road!

I am in Fort Lauderdale on vacation and I thought I would share with you an amazing workout I did this morning! (Don’t laugh at me when you see me trying to to do high skips in the sand.)


Workout Notes:

Put 6 minutes on the clock – Set up two landmarks 50 to 100 feet apart. (It could be two telephone poles or any other two landmarks.) Travel down and back as many times as possible repeating this sequence for 6 minutes.

Cardio Sequence

  1. Jog (down and back)
  2. Side shuffle (down and back)
  3. Grapevine (down and back)
  4. High knee skips (down and back)

Remember to repeat for 6 full minutes! See how many times you can repeat the sequence with in the 6 minutes.

1 Tabata Segment High Knees and Plank Floor Jacks (Alternate these two exercises for 20 seconds on 10 seconds off).

Repeat 6 minute cardio sequence. Don’t stop advanced ladies! Complete the 6 full minutes!

2nd Tabata Segment Pushups and Squat Front Kicks

Repeat 6 minute cardio sequence. You can do this! 6 full minutes!

3rd Tabata Sequence – Crab Taps and Core Climbers (mountain climbers with knee coming across body to opposite arm)



If you would like more videos like this please leave a comment below! 😉