Real Women. Real Results. Boot Camp ROCKS!

You’re probably wondering, “Can I do this?” “Can I really lose weight and get toned with John’s program?” Absolutely you can. Hundreds of women, just like you, have seen amazing results in a very short period of time. I’d like you to meet a few of them.

Simply click on the videos to hear real results from real women.

Stephanie hated going to the gym, but at Boot Camp she learned how to get healthy and fit. Plus, she’s made great friends.   Maran lost one dress size after one just Boot Camp. Now her mom goes too!
Meg’s back pain is gone! Tammy loves breathing the fresh air and has more pep and energy!
Ronnie reshaped her body and feels great! Mona has so much fun, makes new friends and stays healthy too!
Debbie’s turning 50 and never exercised before. Now she’s lost 2 dress sizes and feels fabulous. Aimee went from a size 22 to a size 16 in just 3 weeks of Boot Camp.
Shirley had so much fun at Boot Camp that she shed 14 5/8″ off her body. When Deb started Boot Camp she could barely move. But with John’s exercise modifications she’s lost 50 pounds and her doctor’s thrilled. She loves it when people say “WOW! You look fabulous.”